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Morphy - Development Post #2

Hello!! Welcome back to the development blog of Morphy. It has been two weeks since I posted the first one and I have made significant progress since then. I have been able to build most of the types of platforms into the game, but they do have bugs at times and I intend to fix them before the next blog post.

I am going to start off by saying that I am not a programmer and have learnt to code myself just by trial and error and with the help of a friend who guided me. But everything is still kind of new and I keep learning new things every day.

The first thing I needed functioning was the player movement and me being a beginner, had completely no idea on how to start off. So I went onto my favorite YouTuber/lifesaver, Brackeys and followed the tutorial below.

This tutorial helped me set up the movement system and gave a lot of extra functions that made my life easier to set up other things.

After the movement was completed, I got onto building my platform mechanics. I started off with the Rotating Spikes Platform. While building this mechanic I encountered a very stupid issue with the rotating that only a beginner like me can do. I completely forgot I could use Booleans for every jump and tried to do it in a very complicated way by using angles which should have technically worked, but apparently Unity has a weird way of measuring angles so I ended up using Euler Angles which seems to have fixed the issue.

Here the red part represents the base of the platform and the dark brown represents the spikes

Next, I went on to implement the Gravity Inverting Platform. Programming this one in Unity wasn't as difficult as it sounds thanks to the tutorial from Brackeys. That script had a boolean that checked if the player is Grounded or not, which I used to build this mechanic. That same script also held the Gravity Force and Jump force which let me very easily set up the inversion of gravity and the jump force as well.

Here the light blue portion of the platform holds the player on the ground preventing him from jumping and the white portion inverts the gravity.

Setting up the Weak Platform wasn't hard at all. All I needed to do was check for a collision and then simply disable the platform after a certain amount of time.

The yellow platform indicates the Weak Platform.

That is all for this blog! I have thoroughly enjoyed working in the Engine and coding a game on my own for the first time and am very happy with the progress made so far. In the next blog, I intend to show you the main mechanic, the placement of platforms in the level by the player and the preparation phase in which the player places the platforms. So, the next blog will also be focusing a lot on my progress in the programming section, so please do stick around if that interests you.

Until then, adios.

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