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I'm a Video Game Producer hailing from Chennai, a coastal city. Since childhood, I've nurtured a deep passion for video games, fuelled by my love for playing Counter-Strike. In fact, my dedication led me to host a top-ranked Counter-Strike Server on a Linux system, creating unforgettable memories.



Outside the realm of gaming, I'm an avid Football (Soccer) enthusiast and a tech nerd. Engaging in discussions about these topics can captivate me for hours without losing interest.



NaturalMotion Games


Sept 2023 - Present

In September 2023, I was internally moved within Zynga from India to NaturalMotion Games in London, United Kingdom to oversee and contribute towards new projects. I along with my team, delivered a feature, Garage Search, that our players have wanted for years, ahead of schedule.



Apr 2023 - Sept 2023

In addition to my ongoing work on Race Pass enhancements, I lead the Live Ops team in a new role. I facilitated the discussions around the roadmap for the game. I also helped with Google Sheet automations across the Game Team to reduce manual effort.


Associate Producer

Dec 2021 - Mar 2023

In addition to overseeing Live Ops, I took the lead on several initiatives and implemented new features in the game to significantly enhance the player experience. Furthermore, I played a key role in the successful launch of the Battle Pass for CSR2.


Production Intern

Jun 2021 - Dec 2021

This internship was my very first professional encounter in the video game industry. I worked as a Live Ops producer on CSR 2, a drag racing game on iOS and Android. I was in charge of making sure in-game events, cars, UI, economy, etc. were all ready in time for release.

Kingston University

MA in Game Dev. (Design)

2019 - 2020

A new country brought new opportunities. Kingston University was exciting where I made a game that was showcased at Develop:Brighton. I also had the chance to work as a Project Manager on a VR project about a futuristic cab service.


Management  & Game Design

2015 - 2018

During my time at Rubika, I had the chance to work on a large number of student projects and made games across many different genres. For my third year, I was elected as the Academic Head of the Video Game School by the students where I represented 89 students.

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