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Morphy - Development Post #1

Hello! Welcome to the development blog of Morphy. Here you shall find my regular blog posts on the development of Morphy. I shall try and keep these posts regular and up to date with the development progress I have.


Genre - 2D Puzzle Platformer

Target Audience - Puzzle Game Enthusiasts

Platform - PC

Game Engine - Unity Engine 2018.3.0



Morphy is a puzzle-platformer game where the player is given an inventory of platforms at the start of each level which he is allowed to place at certain pre-defined locations of the level. After placing these platforms, the player has to play through the level and try and get Morphy to his goal. If the player fails to do so, he can change the placements of the platforms according to his new strategy and try again.



The mechanics basically come from the types of platforms that are to be included in the game. These are mentioned below:

1. Normal Platform: This is just a normal platform that does nothing special like the following platforms.

2. Rotating Spikes Platform: This platform has deadly spikes on one side and has a plain surface on the other side. The player can only walk on the plain side of the platform. Stepping on the spikey side of the platform results in an instant death of Morphy. This platform rotates every time the player jumps.

3. Gravity Inverting Platform: This platform has two portions to it where one portion (dark blue) covers ¾ of the entire platform and the other portion (light blue) takes the rest of the ¼ of the platform. The dark blue portion of the platform, holds the player on the platform with its high gravity and prevents the player from jumping. The other part of the platform, inverts the gravity of the player.

4. Triple Jump Platform: This platform isn’t always active. It activates itself for every third jump the player makes. To give a clue to the player that the platform is going to get activated in the next jump, a faded out version of the platform appears on the screen.

5. Weak Platform: The weak platform, like the name suggests, is weak in nature and hence tends to break as soon as the player walks on it. This makes the player undertake quick actions.


This is all that I have come up with as of now... The next update will feature the building of these mechanics into the Engine and the challenges I faced during this process. This will probably focus more on the programming side of things rather than the design itself so, if you're interested, please stick around.

Until then, adios.

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