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Raise The Alarm is a Serious Game made on the topic "Awareness for littering". This is a short project that I worked on as the part of a team of four people. It is an Endless Simulation Game on showing the player different methods on how to spread awareness of littering. Considering the fact that the team does not consist of any Video Game Artists, we are very happy with the visual aspect of the game.


This is the first time that I had worked on a Mobile Game which helped me learn a lot about the limitations on mobile devices in terms of how well a game needs to be optimised in order for the game to work flawlessly without performance issues. This game is designed for Android and PCs only.


Short project - 2018

Game Engine

Unity Engine


Mobile & PC


Game Designer

Assistant Programmer

Main Menu.png
Park Speech.png
In game.png
House Inf.png
House Inf.png
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