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Jun 2021 - Present

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Production Intern

Associate Producer

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CSR 2 marked my inaugural venture into professional game development. As an intern, I initially focused on Live Ops production, ensuring timely preparation of diverse events. This entailed coordinating efforts among Design, UI, Economy, QA and Product Management teams. Additionally, I swiftly addressed live game bugs, prioritizing stakeholder alignment.

Within four months of my internship, I commenced working on multiple in-game features to enhance player experience. This role afforded me the opportunity to lead a professional team, adopting an agile sprint methodology.

Upon transitioning to a full-time Associate Producer role at Zynga, I continued to contribute to Live Ops and pursued advancements in core gameplay. Moreover, I assumed the responsibility of spearheading the development of a Battle Pass for CSR 2, consistently expanding its offerings.

Following my promotion to Producer, my involvement in Live Ops evolved further. I now contribute to the decision-making process regarding events/series for our Roadmap, while overseeing a new team of Producers. Concurrently, I continue my dedicated work on Race Pass, CSR 2's Battle Pass and also oversee the development of cars for CSR 2.


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