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A Soul's Journey

A Soul's Journey is a puzzle-platformer game where the player is given an inventory of platforms at the start of the level which he/she is allowed to place at certain pre-defined locations of the level. After placing these platforms, the player has to play through the level and try and get Morphy to his goal. If the player fails to do so, he/she can change the placements of the platforms according to his new strategy and try again.

This is a rework of my previous game, Morphy. Upon showcasing this game at Develop:Brighton, I was told by many people to continue development on the game and expand it and polish it and this game is the result of that. The game consists of 28 Levels where I did all the Game Design, Level Design, Art (with some help from friends), Music and Programming in Unity myself. 

Through this project I got to learn a lot in all departments, i.e. Game Design, Level Design and Programming and am very happy with the development of skills on a personal level. I am also very happy with the outcome of this project and would like to thank all my friends and family who playtested the game and gave me so much valuable feedback to work from. Without them, this game would not have turned out the way it has right now.






2D Puzzle Platformer

Target Audience

Puzzle game enthusiasts

Solo Developed Game

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