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Hello! My name is Anuj Patwari and I'm a Video Game Producer. I currently work at Zynga Inc. as a Producer on CSR 2.

I work within the Live Ops team where I am responsible for having our various events, cars, UI, economy, etc. ready in time for releases.

I also lead a feature pod that works on Race Pass, CSR2's take on a Battle Pass, where we're constantly improving the feature and adding new elements to it.


I come from the coastal city of Chennai that's located in the southern part of India. Just like the rest of the people in the industry, I've always wanted to work on video games that are played and enjoyed by millions around the world.

Apart from video games, I'm an avid fan of Football (Soccer) and a massive supporter of FC Barcelona. I also enjoy following what's happening in the world of technology and space where the innovations being made on a daily basis are nothing short of mind-blowing.

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